Sun cream, please apply in the morning and send the bottle with them in their bag and they will be reminded to reapply it during the day.

A rain jacket, 1 change of clothes. Please put the child’s name on all belongings. Please don’t bring valuables or phones, phones, and such devices are banned. Please do not bring precious toys or branded/valuable/precious items of clothes as they may get lost.

Please ensure that any medication you need your child to have is handed up to our staff on arrival. Please ensure that you also include a prescription for that medication. We cannot dispense any medication without a prescription. If you don't have the prescription you will need to ask your doctor or pharmacist for a copy to submit to us. This copy is not returned to you, it is kept with our records. No child is allowed to have medication in their bag. This is very important so that they do not take more than required and that no other child gains access to it.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO CAMP DURING THE PANDEMIC IF THEY ARE AT HIGH RISK OF SERIOUS ILLNESS IN THE EVENT THAT THEY CONTRACT COVID-19 - these continue to apply even where restrictions are lifted as there may still be a considerable threat to those with underlying conditions when mixing with large numbers.

It is very important that you provide us with written advance notice of your child’s medical requirements and written confirmation that the child is self managing their condition. There are some medical conditions which camp may not be able to accommodate, in this instance we will be guided by the advice of our medical staff when making a decision on whether or not we can take your child. In the best interest of your child and all children attending the camp, please provide us with very detailed information. All children attending the camp must be self managing their condition.

If your child has a condition that requires one-to-one care or if they have an SNA in school then they will require one to one care in iCamp, this facility is not available from Camp. Our staff cannot provide such a ratio of care.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of your SNA attending with your child please contact the iCamp Office directly to discuss your child's individual requirements. A parent is not allowed to attend as the child's SNA. The camp reserves the right to refuse an SNA in certain circumstances.

Yes, you do. Children will have two supervised breaks each day. Your child will need to bring a packed lunch, snacks, and plenty of drinks with them.
We recommend giving them preferably water, for use throughout the day.

According to the terms & conditions in the case of absence due to illness confirmed by medical certificate 50% of the cost of absent classes will be deducted from the next carnet.

If you cancel your booking up to 7 days before camp for any reason, an admin fee of €30€ per child will apply, and the balance will be refunded to you.

Due to the limit on camp places and the anticipated high demand, any cancellations made within 7 days of the camp start date will not be entitled to a refund.
Once your child begins their camp with us, and if they have to leave for any reason, no refund is available at that stage.

If the camp cannot take place for any circumstance i.e. Act of God, Government Directive, Onsite issue, then the same cancellation policy will apply i.e. you will receive a full refund less the €30 per child deposit/booking fee. You may cancel for any reason and we guarantee this refund.

The camp is a multi-activity camp and the nature of this means that, unfortunately, sometimes injuries arise. Our staff will attend to such injuries and, where necessary, she will make contact with you to explain the incident and her recommended course of action, if required.

We are a multi-activity programme and we pride ourselves in staying away from technology, as far as possible, so that the campers enjoy the activities and immerse themselves in what they are doing. We are finding that students are on their phones and not participating eg. compiling tik toks with pals instead of doing the activity as scheduled or telling the staff member to wait as they are finishing a ‘game’ on their phone.

This is not acceptable and therefore please inform your child that the use of mobile phones, iPads, iPods, virtual glasses, recording devices, other electronic devices, etc. at iCamp is not allowed. We do not allow any electronic devices at iCamp, they must be left at home. We will confiscate all such devices including any device which we feel is not in keeping with the multi-activity spirit of iCamp. We ask parents to ensure their child leaves all such devices at home. If confiscated we are not responsible for the safekeeping of such devices.

Your child does not need a phone or device to contact you, if they ask to phone you we will accommodate all such reasonable requests.


No they don't, we do not plan to have a shop so there will be nowhere for them to spend their money. If that changes, and a shop is possible, we will let you know.


Yes, they go ahead, some variation on the timetable may be required depending on the weather conditions. iCamp has ample space indoors so while some activities will continue in the rain, others may be moved inside. Please see the 'what to bring' list and include a light rain jacket.

You may bring your concerns to us or we may notice it ourselves, we will monitor the group to see where the difficulty is arising and we will then move to rectify the situation which may involve but is not limited to:

  • Speaking to the group as a whole
  • Speaking to an individual child
  • Moving your child or other children to other groups
  • Splitting the group

No there isn’t, but there would USUALLY be no problem taking your child out at the requested times (see above) as long as they are signed out at reception but the same price applies.

Provided you have informed us, in writing (email will suffice to, then Yes, please come to reception and sign your child out and sign them back in again when they return to the camp.

If you need to take other children with you then each child's parent must inform us in advance in writing, stating the name of their child, the time they are leaving, the name of the person collecting their child, and the relationship of the collecting person to their child.

Provided there is availability yes they can join for another week.

The discounts are only available if you book the second week / second child at the same time as you book the first week/child. If you book the weeks separately the discount is not available.

If this happens please check your spam folder for your email as it may be there. If not then phone us at (01) 525 2332 and we can check that all is ok with your booking and reissue the confirmation.

Sometimes this happens if you have a spelling error when submitting your email address. Sometimes it happens if the camp was fully booked, and you are added to the waiting list. The booking will sit on our system as pending, in this instance, we will see it and email you to let you know how to proceed. If you have any doubts contact us via email or phone at (01) 525 2332.

We encourage you to put their name on their property.

We have a lost property room, you are welcome to check the room in the morning when you bring your child in. if your child's week has ended you can email us the details of the lost item and we will check for you. Your child can also tell our staff and check lost property themselves.

Lost property goes to charity two days after the end of the last camp in August each year. It is not possible to redeem any item after we have sent it to Charity.

Yes, they can be in the same group once you notify us of the request when booking by email but we do not guarantee such requests.
The children's ages cannot be substantially different (plus or minus one year).

The exception to the rule: Please remember that if your child is 7 and their friend is 8, they cannot be in the same group. Age 7 and under are in different camps. Regardless of whether they are in the same class or are only a month or so apart in age, we have this rule which must be adhered to for the safety of all involved.
If your child turns 8 during the camp we may not be able to facilitate a move to a group of 8 year olds as they will miss out on activities, they will compromise contact tracing, and there may not be room in the group. The group they commence with will be the group they remain in, where possible. Some changes may be deemed necessary by the Camp.

Please do not ask us to compromise our safety rules as we will refuse. The rules are in place to protect everyone and ensure that all have an enjoyable time at our camp and that all activities are age-appropriate.

Groups are made in advance so please ensure you include your friend's name when booking by email or contact us within 7 days of camp to include it on the booking record for your child. We would hope that the minimum amount of group swapping will be necessary.

Please see above.

Parents, please make yourself aware of our policy on this, via our T&Cs and FAQs, before your child comes to camp. Please explain this to your child, before you book them in, if they fall into this age category.

Your child's date of birth must be correct. This is mandatory, any person who includes an incorrect date of birth for a child will be asked to leave the camp immediately and no refund will be allowed.

The date of birth of your child is very important for their safety, for medical staff, and for any emergency services. Please do not compromise your child's safety by inputting an incorrect date of birth.

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